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Yummy Gummy

Yummy Gummy

Lots of gummy goodness from master sweet makers such as Haribo and Rowntree - all deliciously fruity and irresistibly chewy!

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Drumstick Squashies Pack - Bubblegum Flavour

Squishy squashy candy strips of blue and pink sweetness from confectionery giants, Swizzels, that a..

£1.59 Ex Tax: £1.33

Haribo Chamallows Bag

Big pillowy, pink and white mallows from top sweetie makers, Haribo. Delicious straight from the bag..

£1.49 Ex Tax: £1.24

Haribo Fizzy Cola Bottles Share Bag

A school-yard classic - gummy cola bottles with sugar-coated fizz. Sour yet flavoursome, these favou..

£1.49 Ex Tax: £1.24

Haribo Gold Bears Bag

Haribo make the original gummy bear. Refreshing, fruity and tasty, each colourful bear has..

£1.49 Ex Tax: £1.24

Haribo Jelly Babies Bag

Ever tried a Haribo Jelly Baby? They're different to the regular ones we're used to. For starters, t..

£1.49 Ex Tax: £1.24

Haribo Milkshakes Sharing Bag

You can't go wrong with Haribo, the undisputed kings of gummy. These milkshakes come in strawberry, ..

£1.49 Ex Tax: £1.24

Haribo Pontefract Cakes Bag

A true British classic. A delicious disc of stamped liquorice. Not too sweet, not too savoury and lo..

£1.49 Ex Tax: £1.24

Haribo Rainbows Twists - 10

Just delighted to be stocking these lengths of loveliness. Colourful, fruity, gummy twists of H..

£1.49 Ex Tax: £1.24

Haribo Sour Cherries Share Bag

The best one from Haribo's Tangfastic Mix, the Sour Cherries, have got their very own bag! Sugar-coa..

£1.49 Ex Tax: £1.24

Haribo Sour Rainbow Twists - 10

Yowsers, these are sour! Don't be fooled by their innocent looking colourful twists. They'll have yo..

£1.49 Ex Tax: £1.24

Haribo Star Mix Bag

All the best gummy sweets from Haribo in one mixed up bag. It's got heart throbs, cola bottles, frie..

£1.49 Ex Tax: £1.24

Haribo Tangfastics Bag

The original sour mix from sweet masters, Haribo. Sugar-coated, super tangy, sour gummies, coming in..

£1.49 Ex Tax: £1.24

Chicken Feet

So, erm, these look just like chopped off chicken feet?! Whoever was behind this idea - realistic lo..

£1.79 Ex Tax: £1.49

Creepy Jelly Insects - 6

These packs of creepy crawlies are just perfect for Halloween trick or treating. Once unwrapped they..

£1.39 Ex Tax: £1.16

Crocodiles - Haribo

A bigger gummy than usual from sweetie dons, Haribo, it's the colourful crocodile! Bag yourself an a..

£1.89 Ex Tax: £1.58

Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles

Who could resist these little guys? Don't be fooled by their sugary sweet demeanour... they're feist..

£1.89 Ex Tax: £1.58

Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles - Haribo

A new addition to the Haribo range, these big (2 inches long!) bubblegum bottles have that wonderful..

£1.89 Ex Tax: £1.58

Freaky Fish - Haribo

These are not like a soft, squidgy gummy, like, say, milk bottles or fried eggs, but firmer and with..

£1.89 Ex Tax: £1.58

Fried Eggs - Haribo

Don't worry, not egg flavour (yuck!), but a milky, fruity sort of flavour. A Haribo classic in the s..

£1.89 Ex Tax: £1.58

Friendship Rings - Haribo

A Haribo favourite, little dinky, gummy rings of friendly fruitiness. Cute! Give these as a swe..

£1.89 Ex Tax: £1.58