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Our Complete Range of luxury Sweet Hampers

At Handy Candy we are proud to be the original sweet hamper company, selling our awarding range of gifts and hampers since 2004. These aren't the cardboard boxes or plastic lookalikes that most sweet companies pass off as hampers. All our sweet hampers are  luxury real wicker picnic-style baskets with leather straps, packed to the brim with themed favourites from tuckshop delights and Haribo classics to old-fashioned delights and chocolates favourites. 

We wouldn't be here without our mums... fact! And even though sometimes they might drive us bonkers, we love them with all our hearts. They deserve their special own special sweet selection and this sweet stash of chocs and candies is just the thing to let them know how much they mean to you. It's g..
Ex Tax:£19.16
Is it the black stuff that tantalises your tastebuds? If you think that liquorice, in all kinds of shapes, sizes and forms, is lovely then you're going to love this sweet gift box of Black Gold. It's filled with loads of liquorice delights to make your tongue go black and keep you regular! A gr..
Ex Tax:£21.66
Our largest ever celebration of all things chocolate crammed into one of our mega sized luxury hampers!This is a chocoholic's dream! A truly awesome, gift hamper that's absolutely chocablocka with every kind of the best loved chocolate treats that you could think of. This is seriously wicked an..
Ex Tax:£58.33
If you like your sweets a bit edgy then this is for you! This zingy selection is stuffed to the max with our best fizzy & sour treats, including pencils, tongues, fizzy cola bottles, fizz balls, sherbets & flyers!All packed into one of our luxury wicker hampers with real leather straps, for ..
Ex Tax:£23.33
Here’s a mega crowd-pleasing selection of everyone’s favourites from some of the most well-known sweet makers around – Cadburys, Haribo, Rowntree’s, to name a few. You’ll find all our best-selling sweets here, presented in a handsome wicker hamper with leather straps. It comes stuffed with our most ..
Ex Tax:£45.83
Here’s a crowd-pleasing selection of everyone’s favourites from some of the best, most loved sweet makers! This gift box comes stuffed with our most familiar British treats, sweets and chocs. There’s something for everyone in the mix. This makes a fabulous sharing gift box for a family or team, as w..
Ex Tax:£23.33
A luxury wicker hamper filled with nostalgic treats from the swinging sixties, when it was all about free love, mini skirts, the Beatles and the man on the moon. Bygone favourites that will bring back sweet memories this gift  includes  four plastic free bags of weigh out classics such as ..
Ex Tax:£19.16
A luxury real wicker hamper with leather straps  filled with nostalgic treats from the frisco disco seventies, when it was all about flares, ABBA, 8 track cassettes and Kojak. Bygone favourites that will bring back sweet memories from this decade like the classic Yorkie Bar and Anglo Bubbly, al..
Ex Tax:£19.16
An 'OK ya' luxury hamper filled with nostalgic treats from the loadsamoney eighties, when it was all about Sony Walkmans, Um Bongo (they drink it in the Congo), shoulder pads and the Dukes of Hazard. Old skool classics that will bring back the sweetest memories from this decadent decade such as Wham..
Ex Tax:£19.16
Oh my, this ultimate selection of love-themed treats, sweets and choccies will send pulses racing and hearts a-flutter. This handsome wicker hamper is full to bursting with confectionery classics that will wow your sweet heart or delight your sugar daddy!As they dive in, they'll find a super assortm..
Ex Tax:£44.99
A tremendous, terrific assortment of chews, in all forms, in all shapes and sizes, in loads of different flavours. Beautifully presented in a mini wicker hamper with real leather straps, this stash of chews will keep someone quiet for a very long time! This selection of sweeties includes choice chew..
Ex Tax:£22.49
Pick & Mix Mega Sweet Hamper
Introducing our new Pick & Mix Mega Sweet Hamper! Creating your own special mix of sweets, presented in one of our huge luxurious wicker Handy Candy Gift Hampers couldn't be easier:Choose your sweets to fill them - 16 different sweets from the Pick & Mix Selection menuAdd your own perso..
Ex Tax:£39.99
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