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Where can I find sweet ingredients and allergen information?

We do our utmost to ensure the product information shown on our website, including full ingredients and allergen information, is as accurate and as up to date as possible.

It's easy to find individual sweet ingredients - type part of the sweet's name in the SWEET SEARCH box at the top right-hand side of the screen.

Top tip - you don't need to type in the full sweet name. If you want to find Liquorice Allsorts, simply type in 'Liquorice' or 'Allsorts' and hit enter to find your sweets!

When you're on the page of the sweet you're looking for, you can find the ingredients and allergen information for that particular sweet under the SPECIFICATION tab.

Allergens are shown in CAPS and / or bold.

We display the ingredients in exactly the same way that they appear on the sweet wrapped, box or bag.

We're very proud of our 5 star food hygiene rating. We have strict standards to ensure the environment where we process our orders is as scrupulously clean and well maintained in line with our rating. However, please be aware that sweets containing nuts, sugar, soya, wheat and other allergens are picked and packed in the same place as those sweets that don't.

If you require any extra info about a particular sweet or brand, please do get in touch. Although we're not a manufacturer ourselves (we don't make any sweets), we are always happy to pass on supplier details and as much information as we can.