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Dentures - 5

Dentures - 5
Dentures - 5
  • Bag Size 150g
  • Gluten Free!
  • Plastic Free Packaging!
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Dentures - 5: Plastic Free Sweets

These have to be seen to be believed - actual life sized gummy representations of a set of teeth and gums!

These unusual strawberry flavour gums are a huge mouthful, but lets face it, you just have to cram a couple of sets in your mouth and show off your brand new gummy set of teeth, don't you?!

Quantity of 5 / 150g

Product Information
Ingredients/Contentsglucose syrup, sugar, beef and pork gelatine, humectant, sorbitols: modified potato starch, acid: lactic acid, flavourings, vegetable oil (coconut, palm kernel), glazing agents: carnuaba wax, beeswax, fruit & vegetable concentrates (radish, blackcurrant, carrot), colours: E120
Additional Information
Bag Size 150g
Gluten Free!
Plastic Free Packaging!

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