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Sherbet Fountains - 3

Sherbet Fountains - 3
Sherbet Fountains - 3
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Sherbet Fountains - 3: Liquorice

A newer version of the old classic, it's a yummy liquorice stick that you can dip into the fizzy sherbet pot. They have a cap over the liquorice stick so you can have a bit, feed the cat, have a bit more, answer the phone, have a bit more, and so on without leaving behind a soggy, sticky cardboard mess. The tube is plastic so it doesn't leak everywhere and has a longer life span than the old cardboard tube - you can pop it in your pocket or bag safe in the knowledge that you won t leave a trail of dodgy-looking white powder behind you. And the wrapper is fully recyclable too! Bottom line though is it's still the great liquorice stick that you dip and lick. It remains a British confectionery classic. 

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Product Information
Ingredients/Contentssugar, treacle, WHEAT flour (WHEAT flour, calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamin), cornflour, sodium bicarbonate, acids (citric acid, tartaric acid), natural colour (plain caramel), liquorice extract, anti-caking agent (tricalcium phosphate), natural flavouring, aniseed oil
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Vegan Friendly!

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