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Personalised Pick & Mix Sweet Jar

Personalised Pick & Mix Sweet Jar
Personalised Pick & Mix Sweet Jar
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You can choose your own favourite combo of pick & mix sweets to be packed into this great-looking bumper sweet shop jar. It makes a perfect, personalised gift, tailored to your or someone specials' tastes, and holds up to 800g of sweets, depending on what you choose.

You can select up to a maximum of 5 different sweets to go in this jar and it will be a mixed up jumble of roughly but not exact equal amounts of your sweets.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Select one of three label designs and add your personalised message to be printed on the label in the LABEL MESSAGE box
  2. Select a sweet from each of the 5 drop down menus
  3. Add your filled up jar to your shopping cart!
Creating your own, bespoke Pick n Mix selection has never been so easy!

Ingredients/Contents 1 litre glass clip top vintage style sweet jar
Additional Info
Approximate Weight 0.7-0.8kg depending on mix of sweets chosen to fill jar

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