My Chew Stash Sweet Gift Box

My Chew Stash Sweet Gift Box

A tremendous, terrific assortment of chews, in all forms, in all shapes and sizes, in loads of different flavours. Coming nicely presented in a handsome Handy Candy white gift box, this stash of chews will keep someone quiet for a very long time! This selection of sweeties includes choice chews guaranteed to give your jowls a good, old work-out. It's got tons of them - Whams, Tooty Frooties and Drumsticks, along with Maoams, Refresher Chews, Chewits, Vimtos, Milk Chews and it wouldn't be a chew stash without good, old Black Jacks and Fruit Salads, would it?

Perfect for an office, original for a family, self-contained for a kids' trip away, there are all manner of great options for a gift like this. No one can resist! 

Looking for a bigger wow? Get this mix of chews in a mini hamper.


Wham Bar x 2, Stinger Bar x 2, Rhub & Custard Drumstick bar x 2, Strawberry Refresher Bar x 2, Giant Maoam Chew x 2, Chewits x 4 (mixed flavours), Refresher Chew Pack, Milk Chew Pack, Vimto Chew Pack, Fruit Gum Roll, Fruit Pastille Roll, Barratt's Nougat, Drumstick Lolly x 5, Maoam Stripe Chew x 5, Maoam Joy Stixx x 5, Maoam Bloxx x 5,  Fruit Salads x 10, Black Jacks x 10, Mini Me Chews x 10

Please see individual products for ingredients. Although it doesn't happen very often, if we're out of stock of a particular item we will replace it with something of an equivalent or higher value but it will always be within the theme. The sweets will not arrive displayed as in the photo - they'll be neatly packed in the gift box.

Approximate Weight Approximate total weight including packaging 1.4 kg

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