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Our own unique range of fabulous gift boxes, sweet jars and hampers!

Tuckshop Classics Jumbo Sweet Gift Box
NEW & IMPROVED!Whoa, there, is that an awesome selection box of all the best retro and old school treats you have ever seen? Why, yes it is!Here's our Jumbo version of the Tuckshop Classics Gift Box, super-sized with even more classics from the sweet store. It's full of nostalgic blasts from the..
Ex Tax:£24.99
Tuckshop Classics Mega Sweet Hamper
NEW & IMPROVED!It doesn't get more fully loaded than this! A mega, massive, magnificent mixture of everyone's favourite old school treats from the Tuckshop days of old. It's got it all going on, with a staggering 40 different types of tuckshop classics, that will take you back to those happ..
Ex Tax:£41.66
Tuckshop Classics Sweet Gift Box
NEW & IMPROVED!Our Tuckshop Classics Gift Box has held the number one spot in our top 10 bestsellers for years and it's no surprise because it's full of nostalgic blasts from the past that will take you back to the schoolyard. Think Tucker Jenkins, jumpers for goalposts, cans of Quattro, scuffed..
Ex Tax:£12.49
Tuckshop Treats Post Box
Whoever said that good things come in small packages had obviously just received one of our sweet treats postal boxes!This perfect mini gift really sums up the meaning of 'Handy Candy' as the box is small enough to fit through a letterbox so the postie can deliver even if no one is in! We've pa..
Ex Tax:£3.33
  • Vegan Friendly!
Did you know that absolutely loads of your favourite sweets are vegan & always have been? We've made it really easy to identify vegan sweets at Handy Candy by looking for the green Ve symbol in the sweetie description.Its been great to see so many new Vegan sweets come onto the market over the l..
Ex Tax:£9.16
A bumper blend of tons of everyone's gummy favourites from Haribo in a huge glass bumper sweet shop-style jar. It's got it all going on - gummy bears, friendship rings, fried eggs, heart throbs, cola bottles and more. Great value too, as there's 1.6kg of juicy gummy classics in the mix.This is surel..
Ex Tax:£15.83
NOW IN OLD FASHIONED GLASS KILNER JARS!A vintage sweet jar full of everyone's gummy favourites from Haribo. It's got it all going on - gummy bears, friendship rings, fried eggs, heart throbs, cola bottles and more. Add your own personalised jar label, making this the perfect gift for the Haribo..
Ex Tax:£9.16
  • Sugar Free
This traditional vintage glass clip top jar is full of  our best selling Sugar Free Treats!  We've put together a delicious guilt free mix of sugar free boiled, gummy and chewy sweets - all 100% guaranteed free of sugar so perfect for diabetics or for anyone wanting to cut down on the..
Ex Tax:£13.33
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