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Handy Candy

Our own unique range of fabulous gift boxes, sweet jars and hampers!

This huge  glass sweet shop style jar is crammed with delicious creamy candy chocs!  All your favourite old fashioned candy chocolates are there, including the bestselling Jazzies, Snowies, Candy Cones, Pink & White mice and much much and more.With the ability to add your own personali..
Ex Tax:£16.66
NOW IN TRADITIONAL GLASS KILNER JARS!This traditional vintage sweet shop-style jar is full of  delicious candy chocs!  We've selected our best-selling, old fashioned favourites, including Jazzies, Fish & Chips, Candy Cones and more.Add your own personalised label to the jar to make thi..
Ex Tax:£9.99
Cheeky Chew Sweets Tuck Box
Here's our Cheeky Chew Tuck Box - a neat gift box packed with all our favourite chew sweets.From retro favourites like Black Jacks and Fruit Salads to refreshing Spearmint Chews and fizzy Refresher Chews, this collection of chewy delights will give your taste buds a treat and your jaws a seriously g..
Ex Tax:£5.83
This is a chocoholic's dream! A truly awesome, JUMBO gift box that's absolutely chocablocka with every kind of the best loved chocolate treats that you could think of. This is seriously wicked and utterly indulgent box of delights and absolutely perfect for any occasion and super for sharing. P..
Ex Tax:£30.83
Chocolate Delights Gift Box
The perfect secret chocolate stash for the chocoholic you know! A gift loaded with everyone's favourite chocolate bars. It's got everything to keep someone very happy for a good long while - a load of classic Cadbury's along with some Nestle greats as well as other in the mix. Dairy Milk, Fruit &..
Ex Tax:£14.16
Chocolate Delights Hamper
The perfect secret chocolate stash for the chocoholic you know! A cute-as-pie mini wicker hamper loaded with everyone's favourite chocolate bars. It's got everything to keep someone very happy for a good long while - Dairy Milk, Fruit & Nut, Rolos, Flake, Crunchie, M&Ms, Flake, Smarties and ..
Ex Tax:£21.66
Chocolate Delights Mega Hamper
Oh my days, this is one humungous chocolate stash!A beautiful, large wicker hamper (and that's a top quality one with leather straps!) stuffed to the max with every type of chocolate delight going. It's got everything in the mix. Where to start... open the Celebrations to find your favourite, tuck i..
Ex Tax:£56.66
A brand new addition to our Chocolate Delights range, a cute little gift box crammed with a selection of our favourite British chocolate snacks. Containing a great selection of  bars and bags of creamy goodness from Maltesers to Mas and everything in between, this is the perfect little treat to..
Ex Tax:£7.49
Chocolate Foam Bananas - 10
  • Gluten Free!
The classic and original chocolate flavoured covered foam bananas - bumper foam bananas in a delicious chocolate flavour coating. A real tuck shop favourite that tastes as good today as it ever has! Quantity of 10 bananas...
Ex Tax:£1.66
Cool Kids Tuck Box
A neat, little tuck box crammed with kid-themed treats from chews, gummies, lollies, fizzes, dips and more but with no bubblegum in sight! Perfect for when a cool kid you know needs a gift, a treat, a pick-me-up or little gesture to let them know you're thinking of them.Don't forget to add a pers..
Ex Tax:£5.83
A sweet little tuck box that comes absolutely bursting with favourite fizzy treats that will tingle your tonsils and tickle your tongue. This chewy, gummy, licky, sherbet selection makes a lovely treat for someone you know who likes a bit of fizziness to their sweetness. It's for Haribo Tangfastics,..
Ex Tax:£5.83
Favourites Colossal Sweet Hamper
New! Sold Out!
rHoly moly, this is a humongous, crazy, COLOSSAL hamper of sweets, treats & chocs! A crowd-pleasing selection of everyone’s absolute favourites from some of the most well-known sweet makers around – Cadburys, Nestle, Haribo, Rowntrees & everything in between.You’ll find all our best-..
Ex Tax:£69.99
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