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At Handy Candy we are proud to be the original sweet hamper company, selling our awarding range of gifts and hampers since 2004. Luxury wicker picnic-style baskets with real leather straps, packed to the brim with themed favourites from tuckshop delights and Haribo classics to old-fashioned delights to chocolates favourites. 

Oh my, this ultimate selection of love-themed treats, sweets and choccies will send pulses racing and hearts a-flutter. This handsome wicker hamper is full to bursting with confectionery classics that will wow your sweet heart or delight your sugar daddy!As they dive in, they'll find a super assortm..
Ex Tax:£32.49
Chocolate Delights Mini Sweet Hamper
The perfect secret chocolate stash for the chocoholic you know! A cute-as-pie mini wicker hamper loaded with everyone's favourite chocolate bars. It's got everything to keep someone very happy for a good long while - Dairy Milk, Fruit & Nut, Rolos, Flake, Crunchie, M&Ms, Flake, Smarties and ..
Ex Tax:£19.16
A super selection of sweets, chocs and treats for those moments in life that deserve to be celebrated and congratulated.Achieving excellent exam results, getting that promotion, passing a driving test, getting engaged, winning an award, these things should be rejoiced in and folks made a fuss of. It..
Ex Tax:£32.49
Go for the big impress by sending someone their very own 14 inch hamper, full of their particular sweet favourites. This natural wicker basket with leather straps will be beautifully presented with your treat choices to make a real impact. Simply add this EMPTY hamper to your shopping cart and ..
Ex Tax:£10.83
Heaps and heaps of wonderful Haribo in every gummy shape, flavour and colour that you could imagine. It's got all those Haribo classics - Tangfastics, Gold Bears, Fried Eggs and Friendship Rings, along with the original Pontefract Cakes, Cola Bottles, Giant Fizzy Suckers, Marshmallows and much more...
Ex Tax:£31.66
Mega Retro Sweet Hamper
It doesn't get more fully loaded than this! A mega, massive, magnificent mixture of every single classic retro treat, sweet and chocolate you could imagine. It's got it all going on, with a staggering 50 different types of tuckshop classics, that will take you back to those happy, care-free days whe..
Ex Tax:£34.99
A tremendous, terrific assortment of chews, in all forms, in all shapes and sizes, in loads of different flavours. Beautifully presented in a mini wicker hamper with real leather straps, this stash of chews will keep someone quiet for a very long time! This selection of sweeties includes choice chew..
Ex Tax:£15.83
Retro Delights Mini Sweet Hamper
About as cute as you can get, this mini hamper of retro munchies is the perfect tuckshop? stash to share (or not!). Featuring a whole host of old school favourites from the sweet shop, neatly presented in a baby wicker hamper with leather straps, this selection of classics will take you back in time..
Ex Tax:£19.16
If you're looking for a different way to show the love of your life that they rock your world then you need to order this gorgeous hamper of romantic treats! If you're in the mood for love then inject some romance, fan the flame, secure a snog by sending this love token. It comes filled with love-th..
Ex Tax:£16.66
It's good to share, right? Here's a mega, mighty, magnificent wicker hamper filled to bursting with sweets for just that. We've put our best-selling, favourite sweets, treats and chocolate in this colossal collection of candy. It's all killer, no filler - check out the contents list! Pop the lid..
Ex Tax:£66.66
The Ultimate Chocolate Hamper
Oh my days, this is one humungous chocolate stash!A beautiful, large wicker hamper (and that's a top quality one with leather straps!) stuffed to the max with every type of chocolate delight going. It's got everything in the mix. Where to start... open the Roses to find your favourite, tuck into the..
Ex Tax:£49.99
The Ultimate Sharing Sweet Hamper
Holy smoke, this is one MEGA, magnificent, MIGHTY, super selection of sweets, treats and chocs! The ultimate assortment of favourites for everyone to dip in and share. Everything in this hamper comes individually wrapped so it's the perfect present for a group of people, be it colleagues, friends or..
Ex Tax:£43.33
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