Father's Day

Dads - where would we be without them?! They have always been there to dig us out of trouble, whether it’s a late-night lift home, a bit of emergency pocket money (“don’t tell your mother”) or a shoulder to cry on.

Sunday 17th June is their special day, where we all say a big THANKS to our old man and give him some much-deserved pampering.

At Handy Candy we know the way to any man’s heart is through his stomach so have selected a delectable choice of delicious treats just for Dad!

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Best of British Sweet Jar

This old fashioned style sweet jar is full to the brim with classic British sweet flavours from yest..

£8.99 Ex Tax: £7.49

Black Gold Sweet Gift Box

Is it the black stuff that tantalises your tastebuds? If you think that liquorice, in all kinds of s..

£12.99 Ex Tax: £10.83

Hits of the 60s Sweet Gift Box

A cracking gift box filled with nostalgic treats from the swinging sixties, when it was all about fr..

£11.99 Ex Tax: £9.99

Hits of the 70s Sweet Gift Box

A cracking gift box filled with nostalgic treats from the frisco disco seventies, when it was all ab..

£11.99 Ex Tax: £9.99

Jumbo Tuckshop Classics Sweet Gift Box

Whoa, there, is that an awesome selection box of all the best retro and old school treats you have e..

£22.99 Ex Tax: £19.16

Retro Delights Bumper Sweet Jar

This huge, sweet shop-style jar is full to the brim with all our bestselling, tuckshop favourites - ..

£17.99 Ex Tax: £14.99

Retro Delights Mini Sweet Hamper

About as cute as you can get, this mini hamper of retro munchies is the perfect tuckshop? stash to s..

£22.99 Ex Tax: £19.16

Werther's Original Butter Candy - 3 Rolls

Beloved by Grandads everywhere, Werther's Original are a modern classic! It's like a super-charged b..

£2.29 Ex Tax: £1.91