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Brain Blasterz Sour Powder- 3 Packs
New! -34 %
"WARNING! NOT FOR BABIES . WIMPS . ADULTS" We are just loving this turbo charged Dip Dab! Super sour fruity power with a fruity lolly to dip it into. There are 3 fruity flavours, 3 fruit flavours; apple, raspberry and strawberry.Quantity of 3 packs...
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Bubs Cool Melon Foam Skulls
New! -32 %
Bubs are one of Sweden's most popular sweet brands, making great tasting vegan gummies and foams since 1991!We love all melon flavour sweets so were delighted when Bubs added these jumbo sized melon foam skulls to their range. Sharp and tangy with a deliciously fruity flavour they are gelatine free ..
£1.29 £1.89
Ex Tax:£1.08
Individually wrapped tablets of rich butterscotch from Swizzel's Matlow. A Brit classic and a favourite across generations, treat your tongue to a flood of creamy, caramel, butter flavour. Fantastic stuff!..
£0.99 £1.99
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Cherry & Watermelon  Jumbo Jelly Beans
New! -28 %
 jumbo sized jelly beans with a tropical twist! These mouth watering Cherry and Watermelon flavour jelly beans taste as great as they look.Quantity of 150g..
£1.29 £1.79
Ex Tax:£1.08
These are lethal. There's a thin line between pleasure and pain and we're not sure which side of that line these mega sour sweets fall. Only chance one of these if you know you like super sour stuff. These truly are the most sour sweet we've ever come across - the blurb on the jar says, "Watch out! ..
£1.59 £2.59
Ex Tax:£1.33
Eyeball Bubblegum
New! -50 %
These are a hoot! Staring, bloodshot eyeballs that are actually strawberry flavour bubblegum balls. Did we have you fooled?! A spooky Halloween essential...
£0.99 £1.99
Ex Tax:£0.83
A bumper bag of fruity chews from Maoam, who are part of the mighty, magnificent Haribo family. All individually wrapped, there are joy stixx, pinballs, stripe chews and more, all absolutely loaded with fruity flavour. Quantity of 1 bag. ..
£0.99 £1.69
Ex Tax:£0.83
Yuck, these are gross... and GREAT! Scary-looking, gummy skulls with squidgy jelly insides. Ewww! ..
£0.99 £2.09
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Jelly Snowflakes
New! -45 %
These pretty blue and white jelly snowflakes look great in one of our traditional glass jars. Raspberry and vanilla flavour, dusted with sugar frosting to complete the look!Quantity of 150g..
£0.99 £1.79
Ex Tax:£0.83
Super cute, gummy and juicy peach hearts. These sugar coated gummies are wonderfully peachy and look great too - great for wedding favours or as a little something for that special someone...
£0.99 £1.99
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Salted Caramel Peanut Brittle Bar
-18 % Sold Out!
Regular, ol' peanut brittle is a favourite of ours anyway, but add salted caramel to the mix and you've a heavenly treat! A chunky bar of an old-fashioned sensation that's been given a modern twist with a sweet / salty finish. Quantity 1 x bar...
£1.39 £1.69
Ex Tax:£1.16
A taste of summer for superior sweet makers Brays. These little balls of fruity fizz taste as good as they look, and have the added bonus of not giving you a hangover if you over-indulge!Quantity of 200g..
£0.99 £2.09
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