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Barnetts are a traditional British sweet manufacturer based in Nottingham, who still use traditional methods such as cooking in copper pans for an authentic old fashioned sweet flavour. Famous for their super sour ranges and traditional Sherbet Pips! 

  • Vegan Friendly!
  • Gluten Free!
These are lethal. There's a thin line between pleasure and pain and we're not sure which side of that line these mega sour sweets fall. Only chance one of these if you know you like super sour stuff. These truly are the most sour sweet we've ever come across - the blurb on the jar says, "Watch out! ..
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  • Vegan Friendly!
  • Gluten Free!
These big round boilings are made by famous traditional sweet maker Barnetts - who have been hand making traditional boiled sweets for over 120 years in Nottingham. These Watermelon sweets are perfect example of what they do so well, new exciting flavours made in the traditional way - packed with th..
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Yorkshire Mixture
  • Bag Size 150g
  • Vegan Friendly!
  • Gluten Free!
  • Plastic Free Packaging!
The result of a happy accident, legend has it that a junior member of a  Yorkshire sweet makers slipped whilst carrying stock down some stairs, resulting in a mish mash of different varieties jumbled together. In a bid to avoid getting into trouble, he passed his clumsiness off as product ..
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