The Colossal Sharing Sweet Collection

The Colossal Sharing Sweet Collection

It's good to share, right?

Here's a mega, mighty, magnificent wicker hamper filled to bursting with sweets for just that.

We've put our best-selling, favourite sweets, treats and chocolate in this colossal collection of candy. It's all killer, no filler - check out the contents list!

Pop the lid so everyone can dive in and find their favourites. With sweets of every type represented from gummies and chews to traditional and chocs to lollies and sherbets, this is a crowd-pleaser.

The perfect jumbo, generous gift for a family, an office team, a busy work place or to see you through the year! All the sweets inside are individually wrapped.


 Hamper dimensions: Height 18cm Width 42cm Depth: 28cm

Ingredients/Contents 1 x Box Heroes, 1 x Box Celebrations, 3 x Cadbury’s Chomp, 3 x Cadbury’s Fudge, 3 x Cadbury’s Curly Wurly, 3 x Cadbury’s Freddos, 2 x Packets M&Ms, 1 x Cadbury’s Buttons 1 x Smarties, 1 x Maltester Bag, 1 x Milky Way Magic Stars, 1 x Minstrels, 1 x Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Bar, 1 x Cadbury’s Caramel Bar, 1 x Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut Bar, 2 x Mr Tom, 2 x White Mice Pre Pack, 1 x Squashies Pack, 1 x Haribo Star Mix, 1 x Haribo Tangfastics, 1 x Giant Flyers Pack, 2 x Barrat’s Nougat, 5 x Wham Bar, 5 x Drumstick Bar, 5 x Stinger Bar, 5 x Refresher Bar, Strawberry Refresher Bar, 3 Chewits Stick Pack, 3 x Flump, 1 x Vimto Stick Pack, 2 x Golfball Bubblegum, 2 x Fruit Gums, 2 x Cherry Drops, 3 x Swirl Lollies, 3 x Candy Whistles, 3 x Candy Lipsticks, 2 x Super Candy Baby Bottle, 2 x Candy Sticks, 2 x Refresher Rolls, 2 x Sherbet Fountain, 3 x Mega Double Lolly, 3 x Dip Dab, 3 x Double Dip, 3 x Fizz Wiz, 2 x Jelly Tots, 2 x Tooty Frooties, 10 x Parma Violets, 10 x fruit Fizzers, 10 x Drumstick Lolly, 10 x Fruity Pop Lolly, 10 x Refresher Chew, 10 x Black Jacks, 10 x Fruit Salads, 10 x Anglo Bubbly, 10 x Mini Lovehearts, 10 x Humbugs, 10 x Rhubarb & Custards, 10 x Fruit Drops, 10 x Assorted Toffee, 10 x Maoam Joystixx
Additional Information The sweets will not arrive displayed as in the photo - they will be neatly packed the gift box/hamper. Although it doesn't happen very often , if we're out of stock of a particular item we will replace it with something of an equivalent or higher value but it will always be within the theme of the gift. Please see individual products for ingredients.
Approximate Weight Approximate total weight including packaging 6.2 kg

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