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Whatever Happened to.... Texan Bars

Posted by Handy Candy 22/09/2016 0 Comment(s)


The mighty Texan Bar, like the Pacer, has reached legendary status as one of the most beloved of British retro sweets that's sadly no longer on our shelves.

Being a sweet starved 80's kid I only remember one occasion when I enjoyed one of these unique bars before they 1st ceased production, and was amazed firstly by how damn chewy they were (they were essentially a chew bar in chocolate, think Wham Bar in terms of consistency, not taste) but also how there was nothing else quite like it!

To be honest I don't remember them being particulary popular back in the 80's (it was all about Mars and Nuts bars for me), but fast forward 20 years and after a survey announcing it as one of the nation's favourite lost sweets, Nestle decide to bring it back into limited production!

This all happened in 2005, when Handy Candy was but a year old, and quite frankly we all went Texan Crazy. People were buying cases of them, we simply couldn't get them in fast enough and we were sure that Nestle would pick up on their popularity and continue production.

Alas that was not the case, Nestle were true to their word, and within a few months Texan Bars were as rare as hens teeth again. In 2006 we even spotted a case of no out of date Texan Bars reaching a pretty high price on Ebay, and we were left wishing we'd at least kept a couple of bars to take along to The Antiques Roadshow in years to come.

The weird thing is nothings ever taken their place, a seriously chewy bar wrapped in chocolate - the idea's so simple, and so delicious!



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