Retro Sweets

Retro Sweets

All the best candies and liquorice confections, from tried and trusted favourites to more obscure, hard-to-find ones. From sugar mice and whistles to catherine wheels and wands -  you will find all kinds of crazy candy, bubbles & balls, pencils & mallows and lovely liquorice here. Happy days!

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Giant Fruit Fizzers - 5 Rolls

Giant versions of the little fizzy rolls of powdery sweets that we remember so fondly from our child..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Giant Liquorice Flyers

These are awesome. It's a thick liquorice stick - thicker than a pencil  - filled with fizzy, s..

£1.59 Ex Tax: £1.33

Giant Love Hearts - 5 Rolls

The bestseller from Swizzel's Matlow and the world's most romantic sweet. We all love a Love Heart. ..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Giant Parma Violets - 5 Rolls

Parma Violets are a very British sweet that taste of floral... like violets in fact! They have a del..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Giant Strawberries - Vegan

A vegan-friendly version of the classic gummy giant strawberry. Fresh, fruity deliciousness right he..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Giant Strawberry Flyers

It's a thick, chewy strawberry candy stick - thicker than a pencil - filled with fizzy, sherbet crys..

£1.59 Ex Tax: £1.33

Golden Nuggets - 3 Packs

At long, long, long, long last they're back. A stonker of a retro classic, it's a little drawstring ..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Golfball Bubblegum - 5 Packs

A retro classic, these deliciously minty, dimpled balls will keep you blowing bubbles for hours - ju..

£1.49 Ex Tax: £1.24

Gummy Space Mix

Love this! Perfect for kids' party bags, space-themed events and cake decorating. In the fruity mix ..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Huge Gobstopper

This is an absolute MONSTER, A BEAST! And there was nothing else to call it other than a HUGE GOBSTO..

£2.99 Ex Tax: £2.49

Liquorice Wands - 6

The original, old-fashioned Barratt's liquorice wands. A soft-eating liquorice stick that's been dip..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Love Heart Dip - 5 Packs

It's the classic Swizzel's Matlow Double Dip but with a Love Heart twist! Three sachets of fizzy she..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Mega Double Lolly - 6

These huge lollies are a bit of a mouthful!Individually wrapped, long-lasting lollies from Swizzel's..

£1.79 Ex Tax: £1.49

Mini Love Hearts

The baby sister of our regular Love Heart giant rolls. Tiny, cute little rolls, each containing seve..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Mini Retro Mix

Not only is this mini mix of Swizzel's Matlow favourites perfect for anyone who can't quite mak..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Nougat - 3 Bars

Now made with all natural colours and flavours, this classic from Barratts is a chewy delight. ..

£1.79 Ex Tax: £1.49

Original Refresher Bar - 10 Bars

NEW RECIPE - NOW SUITABLE FOR VEGANS!Who can resist an original Refresher Bar? Wonderfully refreshin..

£1.79 Ex Tax: £1.49

Original Toffee Crumble

Wow are we delighted to get out hands on this fantastic confectionery - the original Toffee Crumble ..

£2.19 Ex Tax: £1.83

Parma Violets

Delicately perfumed violet sweets. If you've never tried these British classics before we admit they..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Pigs' Mugs

These Swizzels Fun Gums, look and taste amazing. No, they don't taste like bacon - these large cute ..

£2.09 Ex Tax: £1.74