The Return of the Mojo

Posted by Handy Candy 21/09/2016 3 Comment(s)

Tangerine Confectionary, who now own so many of the iconic British retro sweet brands (Barratts, Wham, Taveners to name a few) have relaunched the classic Mojo Chew – but is it the same?


I remember the Mojo as a 1p chew similar to Fruit Salads when I was a kid, and even when we started selling sweets in 2004 it had changed, being a much larger sweet, available in Spearmint, Strawberry, Cola and Banana flavours.


It was always a bestseller and we were shocked when it disappeared off our shelves around 5 years ago, one of the many sweets culled by Tangerine when it took over the British Monkhill sweet factory.


Imagine our surprise when the brand relaunched this summer, with new packaging (it now comes in a Chewits style roll) but the same branding! To be honest the sweet itself is quite different to how I remember, but only in the same way many of these chews have changed -  they now use natural flavours, which although is surely a good thing, nevertheless alters the flavor slightly. The biggest change in this type of sweet (a change that occurred in Fruit Salads and Black Jacks too) is that they are generally softer than they used to be, and less likely to be altered by temperature change.


Back in the day Fruit Salads and Mojos used to almost crunch in winter, and then be a big sticky mess on hot summers days. This seems to have changed in the more modern chews, and although I welcome my Fruit salads not melting into one large lump on a summer afternoon – I do miss the proper teeth pulling work out you would get from tackling a cold Fruit Salad!


All in all we welcome the return of any old sweet, even if they aren’t exactly how we remember them (but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgiven Tangerine for discontinuing the Toasted Teacake – grrr!)

3 Comment(s)

kim maltas:
13/01/2018, 04:28:03 PM

Would love to see them in shops again

Hisham Zakout:
13/04/2018, 05:58:28 AM

Really Good!

02/02/2019, 08:49:03 PM

Bring back the original mojo in the small size and original flavours please, I’ve serched everywhere for these sweets but can’t get them anywhere!!

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