Half Term Free Sweets!

Posted by Handy Candy 21/02/2019 0 Comment(s)


Kids... you miss them like mad when they're at school but then when the half term hols hit, they're either (delete as applicable):

  • Out with their mates
  • In bed most of the day
  • In their room on their phone most of the day
  • Demanding your attention 24/7
  • Expecting a fun-filled, no-expense-spared day EVERY day
  • Not understanding you have to juggle work
  • Not understanding that it's your holiday time too

School holidays can be brilliant, exasperating and hard work in equal measure. You deserve a treat! We're throwing in a mixed 150g bag of wrapped fruity favourites with EVERY order placed between now and Sunday.

There's no code needed, no minimum spend, no catch, just FREE SWEETS with every order placed between now and midnight Sunday 24 February 2019

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