All About Apples

Posted by Handy Candy 21/09/2016 1 Comment(s)

September is apple season, so we thought we'd celebrate this fantastically versatile fruit. Not only is it great on its own, but it's perfect in a pie, and even makes one of the nation's favourite pints - cider!

Apple Facts

  • Apples are actually part of the rose family, just like pears and plums
  • Apples are thought to have originated in central Asia
  • The largest apple ever picked weighed nearly 1.4kg. Holy Smoke!
  • Apple trees can live for more than 100 years
  • Apples contain high levels of boron, which increases mental alertness, but be warned - apple seeds contain a cyanide compound

In honour of this fabulous fruit, we've discounted every one of our Apple flavour sweets! From Rosey Apples to Apple Pencils, Fizzy Apple Belts to Apple Bon Bons, you'll find them all at great prices on our Special Offers Page!

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