Raspberry Mega Sours

Raspberry Mega Sours

A further additional to our mega sour range, along with cherry and bubblegum, here's raspberry flavour. Don't be fooled by these innocent looking blue balls. They tread that thin line between pleasure and pain! Such is their toe-curling sourness, your mouth will be dried of all moisture within seconds! If you can bear not to eject it, then hang on in there to be rewarded with bubblegum sweetness. Great for pranking your friends but take care... they come with this warning, "Watch out! These sweets have an extremely sour coating which lasts approximately 20 seconds".

Ingredients/Contents sugar, glucose, citric acid, malic acid, flavouring, colour: E153 . *CAUTION: consumption within a brief time period may cause mouth/stomach irritation
Vegan Friendly!
Gluten Free!

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  • Vegan Friendly!
  • Gluten Free!

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