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Clotted Cream Fudge
Deliciously rich, sweet and creamy Clotted Cream Fudge. Made by Bristows from Devon, who have been making traditional Devon Fudge and Bon Bons for generations, these individually wrapped, chunky fudge pieces are simply scrumptious. ..
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These colourful candies have a liquorice centre coated in a strawberry, kiwi, mango and orange flavour fondant. The Scandinavians know their liquorice and we are just  loving this delicious soft liquorice from Finland, which tastes as good as it looks!..
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Just like you would find at the seaside, a slab bar of pink & white coconut ice. This is a classic, old fashioned British delight! Quantity 1 x 150g bar...
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Coconut Mushrooms
A real, old-fashioned favourite that's quite unique. This sweet mushroom is made up of a chewy cap coated in dessicated coconut and a white fondant stalk.Made slightly harder than they used to be which helps as they don't get squished in transit and hold their shape better. Other than that they look..
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Coconut Toasties (Toasted Teacakes)
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These coconut treats are a real find!Made by traditional Welsh sweet makers Brays, who have been making old fashioned favourites for over 150 years, these little squares of rich sweet coconut are delicious, and very similar to the old fashioned classic Toasted Tea Cakes, which unfortunately are no l..
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Cola Bottles - Haribo
Little gummy cola bottles. No fizz but tons of cola flavour and we only stock Haribo because we think they're the best - after all Haribo do know a thing or two about how to make great gummy sweets!..
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Loads of cola flavour, these are stick packs of individually wrapped, classic Chewit chews in a tasty bite-size square. And they're gelatine free with no artificial colours too! Nothing beats a Chewit for a full on flavour rush and plenty of chew. ..
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Cola Mega Lolly - 8
New! -50 %
Mega, massive lollies from Joseph Dobson & Sons, a proper Yorkshire traditional confectioner. These ones pack a cola flavour punch. Check out our other flavours too! Quantity of 8..
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These are lethal. There's a thin line between pleasure and pain and we're not sure which side of that line these mega sour sweets fall. Only chance one of these if you know you like super sour stuff. These truly are the most sour sweet we've ever come across - the blurb on the jar says, "Watch out! ..
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These little nuggets are absolutely bursting with deliciously moreish cola flavour. Irresistibly chewy, you can either nibble them daintily one by one or grab a handful for a good jaw workout and taste explosion! What's more these little beauties are made with natural colours and are even suita..
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Cool Kids Tuck Box
A neat, little tuck box crammed with kid-themed treats from chews, gummies, lollies, fizzes, dips and more but with no bubblegum in sight! Perfect for when a cool kid you know needs a gift, a treat, a pick-me-up or little gesture to let them know you're thinking of them.Don't forget to add a pers..
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An old-fashioned favourite and a British classic, twists of hard candy with an unmistakable flavour that's somewhere between aniseed and menthol. Made by traditional confectioner, Barnett's, their sweets are made in copper pans for a fuller flavour. These are by far the best Cough Candy sweets we've..
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