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Classic Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate loaded with juicy raisins and sizeable chunks of almond. Everyone's a Fruit & Nut case!..
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Another Cadbury's classic with a whole lot going on. You've got wonderfully chewy nougat over the top of a crunchy, rice crispy-like base, all covered in that wonderful Cadbury's dairy milk chocolate. There's nothing else quite like it - which probably explains why it's the tea-time treat of ch..
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Cadbury's Flake - "the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate, tastes like chocolate never tasted before".Probably, the only chocolate bar with real sex appeal. Much like Milk Tray, a gift of a Cadbury's Flake gives a distinct message that you want to be more than just friends, so be careful who you give it..
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A finger of fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat, it's full of Cadbury's goodness... Don't know the rest but we do know these made us smile and think of being 8 years old again. Little bars of creamy, firm fudge covered in Cadbury's dairy milk chocolate.Quantity of 5 Bars..
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Cadbury's Roses are the only way to say 'Thank You'! A bumper box assortment of Cadbury's Roses classics. Delicious chocs with different centres, some nutty, some milky, some soft, some chewy. An indulgent treat for one (we could pack a box away during the opening credits of Eastenders!) or a n..
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Cadbury's Star Bar - an unsung hero of Cadbury's and actually quite hard to find in the supermarkets and sweet shops. Delicious Cadbury's milk chocolate filled with stacks of peanuts and creamy caramel. Filling, nutty and delicious. Good job you get three! ..
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Two generous fingers of classic Cadbury's milk chocolate. Bite into a Twirl to find waves of crumbly milk chocolate but unlike its Flake cousin, this comes smothered in yet more milk chocolate so you don't get crumbs down yourself.  Give this Twirl a whirl!Quantity of 3 x 43g bars..
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Wonderful Cadbury's dairy milk but with a difference. Wispa's are aerated and filled with tiny bubbles. A lighter bite but with that same familiar Cadbury's dairy milk texture and taste.  ..
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This huge  glass sweet shop style jar is crammed with delicious creamy candy chocs!  All your favourite old fashioned candy chocolates are there, including the bestselling Jazzies, Snowies, Candy Cones, Pink & White mice and much much and more.With the ability to add your own personali..
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Cute little, white chocolate flavour, candy cones, some with a strawberry flavour ice cream swirl, some with a vanilla cream flavour. Quantity of 150g. ..
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NOW IN TRADITIONAL GLASS KILNER JARS!This traditional vintage sweet shop-style jar is full of  delicious candy chocs!  We've selected our best-selling, old fashioned favourites, including Jazzies, Fish & Chips, Candy Cones and more.Add your own personalised label to the jar to make thi..
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Perfect for the little lady, a neat novelty, fruit flavour lippie so they can keep their lips sweet for you. Pop the plastic open to find the pink hard candy inside. An absolute classic from Swizzels Matlow.Quantity of 6 lipsticks.Packed in a plastic free, home compostable bag!..
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