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Turkish Delight - Vegan
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Big, bite-size squares of Turkish Delight jellies in traditional lemon and rose flavours, and generously dusted with icing sugar. Better still, these ones are vegan and have no artificial colours or flavours. 200g Bag..
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A seaside favourite - a generous slab of tutti frutti flavour, chewy nougat with pieces of peanut and colourful fruit jelly encased within it. Quantity 1 x 150g bar...
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A super duper, non fizzy version of twin cherries and better still, these twin cuties are vegan friendly. ..
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The Scandinavians know their liquorice and we are just  loving this delicious soft liquorice from Finland.  These pretty twisted candies come in a mix of tutti frutti, cola and raspberry flavours...
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An elevenses classic, the two bar treat that combines both biscuit and chocolate. On a finger of rich, crunchy shortbread, is a strip of creamy caramel and the whole thing is coated in delicious milk chocolate.Quantity of 3 x 50g packs..
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Two free packs of refresher chews with every order!..
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Soft, creamy, easy-eating, melt-in-the-mouth fudge. Individually wrapped, these golden nuggets are packed with scrumptious vanilla flavour. ..
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Did you know that absolutely loads of your favourite sweets are vegan & always have been? We've made it really easy to identify vegan sweets at Handy Candy by looking for the green Ve symbol in the sweetie description.Its been great to see so many new Vegan sweets come onto the market over the l..
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Hands up who remembers drinking Vimto? Here's that unmistakable Vimto flavour in a chew. Now made by Swizzels Matlow, it's Vimto's top secret combination of grape, blackcurrant and raspberry flavours, made with real fruit juice in a luscious lengthy bar. Quantity of 10 bars. ..
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We love the zingy fruity flavour of Vimto and are big fans of these all-natural pint sized chews too, so this is a marriage made in heaven! You can either nibble them daintily one by one or grab a handful for a good jaw workout and taste explosion.What's more these little beauties are made with natu..
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These big round boilings are made by famous traditional sweet maker Barnetts - who have been hand making traditional boiled sweets for over 120 years in Nottingham. These Watermelon sweets are perfect example of what they do so well, new exciting flavours made in the traditional way - packed with th..
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Mega, massive lollies from Joseph Dobson & Sons, a proper Yorkshire traditional confectioner. These red and green lollipops are full of fresh, mouthwatering watermelon flavour. Check out our other flavours too! Quantity of 8..
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