These sweets are a mix of all kinds of delicious, mouthwatering fruity flavours!

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Sugar Free Wine Gums

Loved by many the wine gum is a confectionery classic. In the mix, you'll find all the familiar gumm..

£1.69 Ex Tax: £1.41

Sweet Soaker

A perfect candy treat for a hot summers day!A tub filled with tasty candy treats, which once empty y..

£1.09 Ex Tax: £0.91

Tom Thumb Drops

Kids love these little fellas! Hard, colourful gems of sweetness. Take your time sucking one at a ti..

£2.09 Ex Tax: £1.74

Tooty Frooty Dice

Not really anything like the old school Tooty Frooties that we remember so fondly and that are sadly..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Traffic Light Lolly - 15

A real old school lolly - red, amber and green swirl together in a fruity way to create the classic ..

£1.49 Ex Tax: £1.24

Tutti Frutti Nougat Bar

A seaside favourite - a generous slab of tutti frutti flavour, chewy nougat with pieces of peanut an..

£1.49 Ex Tax: £1.24

Vimto Chew Bar - 10 Bars

Hands up who remembers drinking Vimto? Here's that unmistakable Vimto flavour in a chew. Now made by..

£1.79 Ex Tax: £1.49

Vimto Chews - 4 Packs

Anything that we stock that's got certified original Vimto flavour flies off our shelves - chews, fi..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Vimto Millions

We love the zingy fruity flavour of Vimto and are big fans of these all-natural pint sized chews too..

£2.49 Ex Tax: £2.08

Wham Bar - 8 Bars

The mighty magnificent Wham Bar! The story goes that Miller McCowans, the original makers of Wham Ba..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Wham Bar - Case of 50

The mighty magnificent Wham Bar! Delicious sour raspberry chew bar with explosive fizzy nuggets..

£10.99 Ex Tax: £9.16

Wild Berries

Bite-size, gummy chunks of raspberry or blackcurrant flavour jellies coated in sprinkles. Loads of v..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Wine Gums

Delicious traditional Wine gums, soft and chewy, in assorted fruit flavours. Each different shape an..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Yellow Belly - Haribo - 3 Snakes

A huge 14 inches of slithery-but-sweet, yellow belly snake, made by sweetie giants Haribo...

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66