Fini are a huge Spanish sweet company, who in our opinion make the best fizzy belts you can get!

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Fizzy Apple Belts

These retro sweets  are know as either Fizzy Belts or Fizzy Tongues.Long belts of sour apple fl..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Fizzy Sour Blue Raspberry Belts

Fizzy belts of sour, blue raspberry flavour, gummy candy. These long fizzy belts are certainly guara..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Fizzy Strawberry Belts

Fantastic, fizzy whizzy belts of sour strawberry flavour candy. Lovely long lengths of tongue-tingli..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Voodoo Vampire Bubblegum Candy - 25

Super sour and super spooky blue candies with a sweet bubblegum centre.Individually wrapped with a b..

£1.49 Ex Tax: £1.24