Chupa Chups Melody Pops Lolly - 5 Lollies

Chupa Chups Melody Pops Lolly - 5 Lollies
We could not believe our eyes where we found these classics available again. Remember Melody Pops? Curiously often sold at the chemist, it's a whistle shaped lolly with a plunger in the stick so you can make your note go up and down. They're loud too so might want to stick the kids in a large open space somewhere where you are not before handing these out. And when they're done with making music they can crunch or suck the strawberry flavour candy. A genius of a sweet. Quantity of 5. 
Ingredients/Contents sugar, glucose syrup, acids: citric acid, malic acid, lactic acid); fruit purees, colour: E163, flavouring, emulsifier: soya lecithin
Vegan Friendly!
Gluten Free!

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  • Vegan Friendly!
  • Gluten Free!

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