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Super fruity blackcurrant - delicious and zingy!

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Blackcurrant Pencils - 10

We love these long lengths of luscious flavour! These blackcurrant pencils come loaded with blue fru..

£1.49 Ex Tax: £1.24

Blackcurrant & Liquorice

A classic and one of our absolute favourite sweets at Handy Candy. These are truly superior Blackcur..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Blackcurrant Chewits - 4 Packs

Arguably the best of the Chewit flavours, they're made with real fruit juice and come loaded with to..

£1.89 Ex Tax: £1.58

Sherbet Blackcurrant

A fresh and fruity, fizzy delight - these nuggets of blackcurrant boilings are full of sizzling of s..

£2.09 Ex Tax: £1.74

Vimto Chews - 4 Packs

Anything that we stock that's got certified original Vimto flavour flies off our shelves - chews, fi..

£1.89 Ex Tax: £1.58